Monday, May 5, 2008

I know, I know...

I haven't blogged in a week.Things have been so busy around here. I was out of town all last week. Came home on Friday. Then spent Saturday and Sunday night at my parent's house. I got back this morning. During the last week I've been a lot of places. One spot I visited was Children's Hospital ER where I found out that Baby Jack has the croup. Geesh! Poor kid.

As for working out-- it was sporadic last week. I was able to swim one day while I was out of town. I also ran a mile that day to test out my leg. (Still not right.) I didn't do my weight when I was gone but did them the day I left and the day I got back. The past few days I've got all my workouts in. Swimming on Friday and today. Elliptical on Saturday. Weights on Saturday and today. Abs all days.

Here is a picture of Baby Jack today... as happy as ever. Croup can't keep him down!

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Anonymous said...

Just love him! Can't wait to see the little ladies man!!