Saturday, May 17, 2008

A List

I had a good weigh in today. I am down another pound...bringing me to 122.2!! Yay! I am loving it! Here are a few nice things about losing 73 pounds:
1. I weigh about 120 pounds less than my husband.
2. I can share clothes w/ my Mother and sisters.
3. I have renewed self-confidence.
4. A few people have referred to me as "skinny".
5. I am happy w/ me for the first time in a long time.
6. My before and after pictures are hanging up on a huge bulletin board at my Jenny Craig Centre. I am in the "50+ Pounds Lost" category!
7. I now weigh 20 pounds UNDER what my driver's license says.

I am almost "weaned" off my Jenny Craig food. Not that I want to be. I could seriously eat it forever. But that is not practical. I'd like to eat the same thing I cook for my family each night. Right now I am still eating JC dinners for half of the week and am still on JC snacks. Lunch and breakfast are on my own. I am doing well and I think I am making smart choices. I am so thankful for their structured meal plans. I am still using them to pattern my meals and snacks. Oh Jenny. It will be such a sad day when we separate. I can't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow. Peace out peeps!

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Tonya said...

Congrats on the loss! Isn't it still shocking at what you can do when you put your mind to it??