Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Report

I had a great race yesterday.  I am so happy w/ my time.  I finished in 23:49.... that is down almost a minute from my best race this season.  (Click here for the results.)  My race went really well.  I started in the 3rd row and didn't let a single woman pass me.  There was a pack of women ahead of me that I saw at the turn-around.  I was the next girl.  I just couldn't catch up to them.  (Story of my life!)  Anyway, by looking at the results it appears they did not all stay together.  I started out a lot faster than I usually do and I think that helped.  My splits are as follows: 1st mile- 7:38, 2nd mile- 8:05, last 1.1- 8:06.  It felt really cool to run into the stadium. Running around the track was fun but I was pretty much exhausted by then.  I crossed the line 7th female overall and took 1st place in my age group.  Both of which I am totally happy about. (Secondary to my time.) The only bummer was that my Dad got called into work and couldn't run w/ me.  By looking at the results he would have placed in his age group too.  Overall the day was fun.  The children were well-behaved at the race and my Mom saved the day by watching them for me.  The after party was cool w/ free massages, pizza, and a band.  Below are some pics.  Peace out!

Welcome Stadium
The Finish Line
Me- Entering Stadium
My Post-Race Massage
Receiving my Medal


Tonya said...

Awesome! I need to get really serious running!! I think that if I could get it going more regularly I'd love it!! Then we could run these together!

Tara said...

you are so awesome!!