Saturday, October 11, 2008


We are completely moved out of our townhouse.  It looks so nice- all cleaned and empty.  I am so thankful that we lived here.  It was so inexpensive that we paid off a lot of debt.  It was so small it was easy to clean.  It is newer and in town.  Our home before was neither!  This home really served a purpose for us.  However, we have not rented it yet.  We have an ad in two newspapers and on craigslist.  No takers.  Please keep the situation in your prayers.

In other news-  Dad and I are running a 5k tomorrow.  It is linked to a 1/2 marathon and there should be a lot of runners there.  We can pick up our race packets tonight-- which usually means it is a bigger race.  I am so excited for this run.  I've run well the past few weeks.  This week I've got in 17 miles so far.  After the race I will have just over 20 miles for the week.  Wish us luck.  I will let you know how we do.  Peace.

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