Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Status These Days

I know.  I know.  It has been a while.  Things have been a little hectic here.  What w/ Mono, Jack going back to work, us buying a house, and the children and I moving to my parent's for a month- it has been busy!  First and foremost- We are moving to North Carolina!!!  Crazy, I know.  I have been dying to move a way from Ohio for about a decade.  When my hubby said he wanted to go too I HAD to take him up on it.  It just so happens we purchased the house right next to my sister and her husband!  It will be so great for our children to grow up together... which is what we always wanted.  

Secondly, we could not get out of our lease here.  This totally sucks.  BUT- we are not letting it get in the way of buy this beautiful home.  We have moved completely out and will continue to pay rent until we can lease it to someone else.  (Did I mention this sucks?  It has been the ONLY snag in the whole process so far though.)  

Third, we have moved in w/ my parent's until we close on the new house, which will be in about a month.  I am LOVING living w/ my folks again.  It is like a constant party.  Mom and I go to the mall, eat Healthy Choice meals, share clothes, read blogs, etc.  When Dad gets home it is even more fun.  We watch "Dancing With the Stars", eat popcorn, and talk about running and the economy.  Mom and Dad help out w/ the kids too which is so nice. 

And lastly, my dear husband has returned to work.  Jack has been home for a little over 12 weeks and it has been a lot of fun.  We have spent almost everyday together during this time.  I never realize how much I will miss him until he is gone.  The children miss him too but being at Memere and Pepere's house is a good distraction.

As for working  out?  I am running a lot lately.  Last night I got in 5 miles.  I did the first mile in 10 minutes.  I did the next 3 miles in 8:15 each.  I did the last mile in 10 minutes.  Today I did a slow 3.  I lifted weights today for the first time in a long time.  It felt good.  That is about all that is going on here.  I promise to keep up better.  Below I have put some pics of our new house.  We are so excited!  Peace.

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Tonya said...

I can't believe that in a little over a month or so you will be only 3 hrs away!! Let us know how we can help!!