Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goals and Sick Children- A Tough Combo

I am so happy to have met my fitness goals this week.

1. Lift weights twice- check
2. Do ab work 5 days- check
3. Run 20.5 miles- check

I am feeling super-good about my workouts.  I need to lift weights a little more but I am getting back into it slowly.  My weight is back to where it was before our vacation.... and it only took a month!  Geesh!  
In other news- I knew it was only a matter of time, after Jack left, before the children got sick.  It is now upon us!  Both kids have bronchitis and sinus infections.  And one of Baby Jack's tubes is plugged up, giving him an ear infection.  I was a little concerned that Lisa might have been developing pneumonia again but I think it was nipped in the bud by all the antibiotics, steroids,  and breathing medicines.  (See picture.)  We are living at my parent's right now so my Mom and Dad were a big help.  (Among other things, they watch the kids so I can run.... probably the only reason I could reach my goals this week.)  We kept the kids home all weekend w/ lots of naps, fluids, and breathing treatments.  Maybe the move south will help w/ all this madness...?  Who knows?  Here is to hoping!  Peace!

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Ria said...

Sarah --

I'm sure Anna appreciates you supporting her husband and her family...those are all glaxo right? You should buy stock -- its all on sale.