Friday, July 11, 2008

They're Here!!!

My orthotics are in!!  My doctor called this morning at 9 am to tell me my long-awaited orthotics had arrived in his office.  I was on the road to Cincinnati by noon.  It took 3 hours on the dot to drive to Cincinnati, get the goods, and drive home.  The kids were super good and I was so grateful.  I was dying to get out and run all afternoon.  I finally hit the road at about 5:30.  I walked 2.5 miles and ran .5 of a mile.  The doctor has me on an exact schedule of running so I get used to the orthotics and don't get injured.  They felt good.  Nothing hurt.  My IT Band especially did not hurt.  I have no blisters yet.  (He said there is a chance I will get blisters and need an adjustment.)  Below are pictures of them.  The top side and the bottom side.  They just fit in your shoe and basically make you a super-star.  Ha ha.  I wish.  I'll be happy if they help keep me from getting injured again!

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Anonymous said...

Hope that they do the job!! Hope your birthday was awesome!