Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cute haircut-Great Swim

I took Baby Jack to the barber shop today.  It was time for a haircut.  His curls were cute but they were starting to look a little ghetto.  Now he looks so grown up!  Like a little boy instead of a baby.
In workout news-- I put in a mile in the pool today.  I am doing a new workout and it really makes swimming less boring.  At the Y they have a few different swim workouts typed up and laminated.  They are hanging on the wall by the pool and if you want to use one you can just put it on the edge of the pool during your swim.  They are interval workouts like I do when I run. There are different levels and distances you can choose from.  I do 1 mile moderate or hard.
It breaks down like this:
Warm up- 2oo meters freestyle
3 x 100 meters freestyle (20 second break after each)
4 x 50 meters freestyle (10 second break after each)
4 x 25 meters freestyle (10 second break after each)
1 minute break
2 x 50 meters rotating back stroke and freestyle
200 meters of breast stroke
4 x 50 meters of arm pulls using buoy (foam piece between you knees so you can't kick legs)
4 x 50 meters of kicks using kick-board
500 meter cool down

It is a great workout!!  (As far as swimming goes.)  Doing a mile this way really breaks it up so it is not so monotonous.  I am completely exhausted when I am done.  Ni-night!

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