Thursday, January 22, 2009

Staring at the Walls

I know.  I should just be thankful that I own a treadmill.  Some people don't have treadmills. BUT- I have been spoiled.  In our last home I could run while watching TV.  In this home we don't have that option just yet.  I have gone over where to put my treadmill a million times.  I have it in the best room.  The bonus room.  The catch is... there is not a TV in there.  (Not a bonus.)  We actually have 2 extra TVs in our home that we are going to get rid of.  But I can't put either TV in there b/c the bonus room is really the playroom.  I couldn't have a TV in there b/c Baby Jack could very easily pull it down on himself if he was left unattended.  And that is where I put him when he needs to be unattended!  So, you say, mount the TV on the wall!  Brilliant idea except both our extra TVs are HUGE and cannot be mounted.  We are toying w/ the idea of buying a tiny flat screen to put there but.... I am so cheap I just don't want to spend the cash.  So for now I run w/o the TV.  Staring at the wall.  Want to see my view?


Tara said...

Sarah, you cant run staring at the wall. That is terrible. You have to do something... face it out the window or just go buy the little flat screen.... granted I am the one who should be living in a cardboard box considering the likes of my spending... but that view of the wall is not very motivational. But the tv!

Grace said...

Get one of those motivational posters that Daddy always had, you know, "the race does not go to the swift but to those that keep running." Rotate them. Have a Monday poster, Tuesday poster, Wednesday poster. Listen to Rush! That's better than TV!

Ann said...

Yeah listen to Rush - or listen to Dave Ramsey! Maybe a mirror?? Facing it out the window is a good idea too. Jogging stroller??? Cheaper then a TV and Lisa could ride her bike! She would love the outdoor time. I have ran twice with Cece and Lucia in the double jogger and Kay and Jay on their bikes!! It isn't the same, but it is exercise and it is outside...we'll go with you! =) I can see the neighbors peering out their expensive blinds! LOL