Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy. Busy.

There is so much going on these days I just don't know what to blog about.  My running is doing much better now that I've been back outside a few times.  I ran a tempo run of sorts yesterday and probably over did it.  I ran 4 miles like this:
Mile 1- Slow warm up
Mile 2- in 8:20
Mile 3- in 7:20
Mile 4- Slow cool down

My leg is a little sore after this so I am taking the day off.  My healthy eating has gone a little by the wayside since I got back from NYC.  Not that I've gone crazy binge-eating or anything.  I've just let myself eat what I wanted.... not really being strict or cutting out anything.  All that will be changing soon enough!  It seems I maintain my weight loss the best when I give myself a week or 2 here and there to eat whatever I want.

In the meantime... I have found 4 blogs that I now LOVE!!  Yes- 4!  I am not going to tell you about all of them today.  But here is one---  It is called "Modern Catholic Mom".  I just entered a contest over here for a set of "Holy Baby" DVD's.  I've seen most of them on EWTN and I love them.  Lisa and Baby Jack do too.  Check them out.  They are great for little ones.  This blog I really like.  I may be a little bit biased b/c my best friend Tara does write on it.
Holy Baby! Two Pack
I'll be posting over the next few days to tell you about the other blogs I have discovered and LOVE!  Peace out.

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dennis said...

Glad to see you are up and running. Way to go Bunny.