Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michelle Wins The Biggest Loser!!

Yay!!  I am so happy w/ the results of last night's finale of 
"The Biggest Loser".  My favorite contestant, Michelle,
won.  She looked fabulous! Michelle lost a total of 110 pounds and 45.45 percent of her body weight!
I was so happy to see her win.  Everyone's transformations were amazing.  I was especially impressed w/ Jerry, both Amy's, Phil, and Heba. Click here to see everyone's stats.  I just love this show.  I cried on and off throughout the whole finale.  Well, I cried on and off the whole season actually!  I am so impressed w/ these people's determination.  It hits close to home for me.  Way to go everyone!  You are all winners!

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