Saturday, December 13, 2008

A day at the Races!

My family had an active day!  We were at one of the local parks bright and early at 7:45 for Lisa and I to run some races today.  First up was Lisa in the one mile fun run.  I ran w/ her and we had a blast.  She ran the whole way- no stopping.  We held hands and shuffled a few times but she was a trooper.  She told many people as we passed them (or they passed us) "Great job!"  It was cute.  The race organizers had people on the course to cheer us on and it was neat to see Lisa's reaction.  When someone would yell "You are doing great" or "You can do it" she would really pick up the pace.  She really booked it across the finish line!  Lisa finished in just over 13 minutes and I am so proud of her.  At the end of the day Lisa also participated in a race called "The Fastest Kid in Garner".  Kids ran a 50 yard dash in their age groups- Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Although she is not the winner of the title- we have told her she is the Second Fastest Kid in Garner!

My race took place about 45 minutes after the fun run.  I was nice and warmed up from the mile.  I did some stretches and a little more jogging and I was ready to go.  I started in the third row. I had one goal in mind.  To PR (set a Personal Record).  My PR is from high school and I desperately wanted to beat it today.  It was set my freshman year at 23:24.  I've been chasing it all season.  From the second the gun went off I felt great.  I was not concerned w/ placing or trophies.  I just wanted a certain time. (I thought I might place b/c this was the first year for this race and it was small. But that was not my goal.)  So the entire run I just chanted to myself.... "23:23. 23:23."  While running I decided that, if it was humanly possible, I would pass every woman that I saw.  In the first mile I passed 4 women.  In the second mile I passed one.  But after that I didn't see any more women. Hmmmm?  I just kept trucking along saying "23:23. 23:23." to myself.  I am sure all the men I was running w/ thought I was crazy!  As I neared the finish line I was surprised to hear an MC on a microphone calling out to the crowd.  I heard him say, "And here is number 53.  Sarah Napier! She is the second woman to finish today!  Lets give Sarah a hand folks!"  I almost stopped running right there!  The second woman!  Are you kidding me?!  I was so happy- I really almost just started walking over the finish line.  BUT- I could see the big clock.  And I could see it counting up the time.  (I had a timing chip- but I knew I was close to the clock b/c I started near the front.) I don't run w/ my glasses on so by the time I could actually read the clock I could see it said "23:15"!!!!!!!!  And I just started hauling it!  I don't think I've EVER ran so fast, so tired in my whole life.  I really wanted to get my 23:23 or better.  My heart was about to jump out of my chest!  So- how do you think I did?  Click here for the results.

Top 3 females w/ Mayor who handed out awards.


Grace said...

You look way too cute to have just run 3.2 miles!

Carol said...

sounds like it was a fun race...wish I could have been there to see it....congrats to you and to Lisa!

Catie Topp (Cordonnier) said...

Ok, Sarah, seriously you made me cry when I read this blog! First of with little Lisa, who has grown so much, but then when I read the story and you hit 23:23 !!!! I was like tearin' up! From another woman who runs faithfully (not as fast as you but I run for the high) it is awesome story! You look great and keep up the good work!

Rachael said...

i loved how you left us in suspense with making us go to the results page!! that is awesome!!! congrats!!!!! i have you picture all ready for you and will e-mail it to you in the morning!