Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dining Room- getting somewhere

Here are some pics of my dining room.  We have not been using it b/c the table was broke while in storage.  Well, my handy-dandy husband has fixed it and I am so happy to be eating at a real table in a real dining room!  Next up- I am hanging some sheers my Mother gave me and making some curtains.  I keep looking at curtain material and I only like 3 colors- black, white, and red.  Hmmmmm.  What to do?  Also, Jack is going to re-stain the table to match my dark wood cabinets and floor.  And look at this mirror!  It looks so SMALL!  Trust me- it is not that small.  Some of you have seen this mirror in person and you know it is not as small as it looks in this picture!  Do you think it is that big white wall making it look so tiny?  Goodness, I can't believe I have it up there.  I am going to have to hang 2 things on either side of it aren't I? What could I hang?  I like things that are symmetrical, clean-looking, and black, white, or red.

While I am talking about the mirror I will tell you....  Anna and I had a heck of a time putting it up!  Jack suggested that I have her come over b/c he knew that if he hung the mirror w/ just me there that the next day Anna would come over and insist it should be 2 inches lower!  So we had Jack stank holding the 50 pound mirror on the wall.  Then we had him move it up 2 inches, down 2 inches, up 4 inches, down another 2, down another 2, then up 2, then down 4, etc.  Then Anna suggested that her and I go outside and practice walking into the house and looking at the mirror w/ a fresh prospective each time.  So we had Jack move it to each of the various places while we walked in and out looking at it.  Then we had him hold it vertically.  This was all very difficult.  But I am happy to say we got it right where I want it!

Have a great night all!  I am going to hop in the treadmill!  Ta-ta for now.


Tara said...

So pretty! You could put some pics on either side of the mirror with the same 'kind' of frame. Doesn't have to be pictures of people, could be pics of whatever. Keep them symmetrical and do like 1 or 2 on each side depending on their size.

Ann said...

That must be an odd angle.... that mirror is so much BIGGER then that!?? Jack is awesome... I can't believe how heavy that mirror was!