Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Style am I? What about you?

Style is not something I am very good at.  Dressing stylish, being stylish... these are not things I do well.  I have no fashion sense to speak of.  I know this b/c my 3 sisters have unbelievable fashion sense- each a little different from the other- but each so stylish.  I have complete confidence that they could each get dressed for a major event w/o ever consulting anyone... and they would all look perfect.  But alas- I am the one sister who did not get this gene.  In the past few years this hasn't mattered much b/c I've been so overweight.  When you are heavy you just dress to conceal.  Conceal your size, conceal your weight, conceal your personality so you just blend in w/ everyone else.  I don't really want to dress like this anymore.  I feel like I am not myself dressed in this style.  The problem is... I don't know what style I am!

Enter Mom- She gave me "The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style".  (Thanks Mom.)  I am loving this book!  It lists 10 basic styles that pretty much cover all looks.  It tells you what clothes and accessories you will need to dress in each style.  It shows you how to put them together and how to mix and match.  It gives examples of famous people and regular people who wear these styles.  And it is not like you have to go out and buy a whole look-- b/c really, you can see parts of your wardrobe w/in the styles.  The book does not list costs of clothing or where to find certain items b/c it is not a catalogue and is not really trying to sell anything.  I cannot put this book down.  It is so good!

I've listed the styles below.  With each one I put a picture that captures it as much as possible.  I was going to write out explanations for each one but it could get lengthy!  I've got a few questions for you-- What style are you?  What style do you think I am?  I know a lot of us are just dressed in jeans and t-shirts everyday BUT- what style are you naturally drawn too?  If you could get out of the clothes you wear everyday- what would you be wearing?  Think about it. Goodness knows I'm thinking about it!

Euro Chic
California Casual
Rock and Roll
Posh Eclectic
American Classic
Arty Slick


Ann said...

I don't know!!! BUT I think Grace is the first pic of Mz. Moss in Rock n'Roll. You might be California Casual with a little Bohemian thrown in. I saw Ria's style in about 6 of the pictures!! lol I don't know if I'm Euro chic, american classic, or gamine. I guess it depends on what I weigh at the time and Mike's currant bonus check. LOL
The question is what do you WANT to be??????????????? Where is the sporty, homeschool mom category????

Grace said...

I think our whole family does American classic with a fashion edge really well. I HOPE to be a cross between Euro Chic and Rock n' Roll (with a little class to it). I think you would look awesome in the Gamine area. You can make it real fresh, trim, and sporty.

I am in class. I better pay attention!

Anonymous said...

None of them are really mine..I guess I want to lean towards the classic, with a little rock and roll and california casual thrown in..but until the money rolls in I will lean towards Target's sale rack!! Love ya!
For you I agree with Anna

Ria said...

I LOVE this post!

Hmmm...I want to be Bohemian (for the moment....check back tomorrow). Edwin would probably dig rock star or bombshell for me. I struggle with gamine because I don't know the definition of the word. Today, I was mod.

For you, I think American Classic or the Euro one. But your bod looks so hot you can take your pick.

I must say that living next to Tarjay (sigh) and Plato's closet is a major perk of my suburbian paradise....