Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Spandex... Goes a Long Way.

Here is a picture of the new racing tights I bought today.
I am well aware that they are hideous.  I cannot even STAND to look at them.... never mind me wearing them.  Spandex is something that should have stayed in the 90's- like Madonna, ER, and sweater vests on women.  Anyway I need to have them for my race tomorrow, as it is going to be cold here, so they are a necessary evil.  Tonight I realized that the last time I wore racing tights I was 15 years old.  Yes, do the math, that would be 15 years ago!  During the race I am going to try to concentrate on running and not so much on my wardrobe.  I'll NEVER catch that front group of runners if I am thinking about stupid Spandex!  Wish me luck!


Tara said...

I bet you look hot in them! Congrats on the race!!

Grace said...

I remember when Anna wore these. You two are crazy! Give me a couple years and I'll probably have a pair. Love the Salem 5k t-shirt, I'm wearing mine now. Love!