Saturday, November 8, 2008

Race Report

What a day!  My race really beat me up today.  I was not prepared for the cold and the wind.  I really had to work hard and it surprised me.  It has been 70 degrees here for the last week. Even before that it had not been this cold- and if it had, I certainly had not run in it yet this season!  So anyway- it was 42 degrees during the race this morning.  I thought I was dying!! The cold was so brutal in my lungs.  It was like inhaling icicles. There was also a lot of wind which took me by surprise too.  I should know better and be prepared next time.  It was still a good race.  I placed first in my age group w/ a time of 24:29.  I am not too happy about my time but I am getting over it.  I can't run faster every single race!  (See results here.)  It was fun to run w/ Dad.  The cold surprised him too, as he always runs inside.  I placed 6th female overall and that is cool to me.  I could see the lead women on and off throughout the race b/c of some long stretches.  They were so fast.  Ahhh... one day I hope that will be me.  Overall it was a good race. I am looking forward to my next one which is about 5 weeks away and in North Carolina!  To hell w/ this cold!
P.S. Lots of people wore Spandex today.... I didn't feel so alone.

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Tonya said...

Awesome on the race! Is this one in North Carolina the Reindeer Romp???