Saturday, September 27, 2008

Run for the Mums

Today was the 30th annual Tipp City Mum Festival.  My parents brought us to this event a lot when I was a kid so it was cool to be there again.  My Dad and I ran in the 5k and had a blast. My time was a little slower than I would have liked- 25:04 (20 seconds off from my last 5k.)  I felt good while I was running though.  Probably too good.  I think I need to go out a little harder and save less for the end.  I've been focussing so much on being able to run a negative second half that maybe I am going too slow in the beginning.  I am able to run fast the last mile but it seems I can't make up the distance on other women who were going faster sooner.  (Does that make sense?)  Anyway, my next race I am going to start further towards the front and try to run faster from the beginning.  I was able to bring home 1st place in my age group today.  (I won a mug and a huge mum plant.) And I was the 9th female across the line, which is so cool.  But what is really cool is that my Dad placed 2nd in his age group!  He just decided to run at the last minute and I am so glad he did.  Awesome job Dad!  Also- here are some pics I took of Jack and the kiddos watching the parade.  We had a really great day!  Peace!