Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day of Thrills!

Wow!  Yesterday Jack and I spent the day at Cedar Point.  What a great time!  It has been years since either one of us has been to an amusement park.  And we have never been to one together.  I cannot tell you how exhilarating it was!  There were not a ton of lines so 10 minutes after parking we were literally UP- SIDE-DOWN!  It was so cool.  We road the Raptor twice- my all time favorite ride.  The Mean Streak- ouch!  The Corkscrew- classic.  The Mantis- OMG! The Iron Dragon.- so fun!  There is this new ride, The Maverick.  It was so cool.  We had the longest wait for that one- but it was still only 45 minutes.  It was so worth it.  It is the fastest roller-coaster that we had ever been on!  There were a few others I can't remember. Here is a pic of The Raptor.  This is an awesome roller-coaster!  We had so much fun.  We are going to try to get there again next year.  I could go on and on about our day.  I should probably go to bed though.  Peace out!

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