Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Morning Run

My run today was great!  What a beautiful day it is!  It was 65 degrees when I hit the road.  I ran a long run through downtown Troy and back.  I love going downtown but have never been down there on a Saturday morning.  Things were busy.  People were opening up their shops, walking to work, the fountain was running.  It was a lovely scene.  I really enjoyed it.  Recently "Ohio Magazine" named Troy one of the 5 best hometowns in Ohio.  (Check out article here.)  I can't say that I am surprised.  Since we've moved her we've enjoyed the people, atmosphere, and culture so much.  It is an active little town, w/ lots to do, and really nice citizens.  

I ran a 4.5 mile, out-and-back route.  It is 5 miles from our house to our Parish.  So I walked the first .5 mile to warm up and then ran the rest.  I ran it very slowly.  My heart rate was barely elevated.  I plan to make this downtown run my long, Saturday run as my miles go up.  There is so much to look at!  And to smell.... There is a bakery on the square.... I could smell doughnuts for half my run!!  Peace out!

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Ria said...

Ah! I can smell the donuts now. If only all runs could be through quaint, small town america.