Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the Road

Greetings from South Carolina!  Our summer vacation has officially started.  First up- a visit w/ our friends the Hollenbachers!  We had dinner together tonight and the kids played.  Tomorrow we are meeting at a park for some more play and a snack before we get on the road for Leg 2 of the journey...  Heading to the Mosher's home.  Then, on Saturday, Leg 3 begins w/ the drive to the coast for a week at the beach.  I CANNOT WAIT to get there!!!  But for now we are enjoying our friends.  When we lived close we got together weekly- if not more.  So it is good to sit and chat like old times.  

As for me... I am exhausted.  I just finished running 5 miles.  I didn't get on the treadmill here at the hotel until 9:40 tonight!  (See pic of me in tiny work-out room.)  That makes for a late run. I am headed to bed.  Peace out.

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