Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Birthday!!!

February is the month of birthdays in my family.  It is kinda crazy.  We actually have to budget for February and all the spending that comes along w/ it.
1st- niece Cece
11th- sister Ria
17th- son Baby Jack
23rd- brother-in-law Mike
24th- sister Grace

It is a lot- I know!  Today is Grace's birthday!!  Happy birthday Gracie!!!  Twenty-two years ago Grace entered the world as a very special addition to our family.  She brought w/ her blessings, joy, comfort, and hope.  All of that and she hadn't even talked yet!  Today Grace is all grown up. (As much as I hate to admit it... she is grown up.)  She is far away in Texas working on her Masters Degree.  And just 3 days ago became ENGAGED to be married!!! Woot woot!

Happy birthday Gracie!  I love you and miss you tons!!!


Tonya said...

congratulations Grace!

Chrissy said...

You pregent girls are so beautiful. I cant believe your baby sister is getting married, Sarah. When did we get old?

Grace said...

Thanks Sarah! I promise to call soon, still recovering from CA trip meaning I'm sick, exhausted, and have a paper to write! Love you very much!

Ann said...

Go-go-go-go- Go Grace! It's your birthday!