Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, it is time for a bigger family vehicle. Check out my new ride!!! Yes- that is a bright, red minivan parked in my driveway!!! Yay!!! I have wanted one forever. Things were getting bad around here w/ my old clunker. I was driving a 13 year old car. She was faithful but I was starting to have some disturbing problems. For instance- it was shuddering really bad when you put it into reverse while running the air conditioner. Also, sometimes it didn't like to start. And it had been making some noises. People had been telling me I needed a new car for a long time. I've been ignoring them. I don't like to spend my money. Then my Dad hinted that I needed a new car. Hmmm? Dad also doesn't like me to spend my money. Then he started calling me about cars that he was finding. So I started paying attention. If my Dad thinks I need a new car... then I really do need a new car. Yesterday, my Mother, the children, and I did a little van shopping. Actually, I shopped online beforehand and knew exactly what I wanted when I went in! I bought it myself and am very proud of that. I actually got a pretty good deal.... well, as good of a deal as you can get when you have to give someone else money for something. I am happy to have done this all w/ barely being able to walk. Thanks Mom for taking care of the kiddos! I LOVE my new van!


Anna said...

It is so cute!! I want a picture of you sitting in it waving! It looks so shiny too!!

Anonymous said...

Cool..while I did not want to be a mini driving mom..the space and freedom it gave the girls is WONDERFUL!!!

Ria said...

I confess, I love the way mini-vans drive and the way the interiors are configured --- tons of space, cup holders, etc.

You are now THAT mom though. :)

Of course, it would be red! Back to your preferred color. Love!

Chrissy said...

Well, I came on specifically to say I am not AT ALL surprised that this baby is red. If somebody would have told me you got a mini-van, or any car for that matter, I would have bet my life it was red. Some things never change. :) Now, just wondering if hunter green makes any appearance in your home??? haha. (we all know I have had some blue curtains in my home since I have had a window to hang em on!) And by the way, I am THAT mom, and have been for nearly 5 years. Yes, while I love an SUV, there is just no beating the mini van for space. Anyway, ta-ta for now.