Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 3 Post Op

I had my post-op check up today. My doctor removed my bandage and put on another one that is smaller and less cumbersome. We took some x-rays and he checked my stitches. He said that I am progressing as I should be. My foot is bruised badly and really swollen but he says that is normal for 3 days after the surgery. I can take the bandage off in 3 days and put on a large band-aid. And I can drive then if I am not in need of pain meds. Then, in 10 days, I have to go back and get my stitches out. My foot does hurt more than I expected but I am adjusting to it and everyday it does hurt a little less. Overall I am feeling pretty good. Here is another shot of me keeping my foot up... this is all I am doing lately!

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