Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do You Remember?

I was so sad to hear that Michael Jackson passed away this week. What a shock! The past few days I have thought a lot about his family... especially his 3 young children. I have also found myself listening to all his music. Wow- what a great artist he was! I am surprised that I know almost every song. I have been a Michael Jackson fan for as long as I can remember. This is no exaggeration. My older sister LOVED him. And you know what younger sisters love... anything their older sisters do. I can honestly remember singing "Beat It" at 5 years old. In second grade I carried an MJ folder to school. I have searched all over the Internet to find a picture of that folder... and here it is.

Yes- that was the photo on my folder! I remember it distinctly. And this is how I think of him really. I listened to his music through grade school, a little in high school, and then a lot more in college. In recent years Michael has not been high on my radar. When I would see a news story on him- like about something weird he had done or the allegations that were brought against him- I would always just feel bad for those involved... including him. He was such a tortured soul. It is really sad. I've spent some time the past few days watching his videos. There is something charismatic about how he sung and performed. Like he really loved what he was doing. (Go watch "Will You Be There" from the movie "Free Willy".)

Anyway- I know there are much bigger MJ fans and fanatics blogging about him these days. I just thought I'd mention him b/c I really have always loved him as an artist. He made an enormous contribution to music that will be reflected throughout history. And I am sad to hear of his passing. His life was full of public controversy and inner battles. I truly hope that he is resting in peace.


Anonymous said...

I had this photo on a purse and a wall flag..loved him!

Anna said...

Geez. I wish he didn't have to go through as much as he did... I love when he sings that song. There is also a part of me that remembers Brian McCarthy in really tight wind pants in Austria, as well... lol